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Boost your Operations with Odoo! At Metalinks, we offer you the best solutions for managing services, projects and connecting with your customers from anywhere and anytime. From one place, you can manage all the company’s operations, move between your various services Efficiently, schedule appointments, and set interviews with your potential clients.

Core Features

Appointment & Booking management system

Odoo booking management software helps you schedule and organize bookings and appointments for customers, to ensure clients choose the suitable time for them and send confirmation via e-mail.

Start automating reservations and specifying the services required for each customer to manage your business professionally at any time. It enables you to manage customer appointments and create invoices containing all customer data for booking and online payment.

Odoo Appointment Booking System Features

1. Autosave bookings to your calendar and both parties receive confirmation via email.

2. Customers can choose the type of meeting and who they want to meet with.

3. Get complete control of your schedule confirmation anytime from anywhere.

4. Customers can select their preferred time slot based on your availability.

5. An automatic 24/7 reservation system.

6. Customize your booking form to suit your organization's goals.

7. Suitable for small, medium, and large companies.

Core Features

Projects and Operations Management

In Metalinks, we offer an integrated project management system from Odoo, which allows you to lead operations and manage customer relationships. It also helps you to predict performance for projects. You can customize the interface in a way that serves the business needs. The system works on all mobile devices, as you can access it anywhere and from any device.

Odoo Project Management System Features

1. Fully customizable UI commensurate with the goals of the organization.

2. Take advantage of the power of visual communication and exchange information with employees and clients to manage projects professionally.

3. A dedicated dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all project details.

4. It Can be accessed in mobile and web browsers.

5. Forecast the needs of the project and anticipate potential performance.

Metalinks’ Experts are always ready to help you manage your organization’s service management systems & solutions. Let our experts take care of the installment and operation of your Odoo Service Management Solution at affordable prices in Kuwait.

Core Features

Integrated Timesheet Solution to track the progress of projects

Track time for your projects with the Odoo service management system anytime and anywhere. Get detailed reports about the working time per project to control and monitor tasks and provide the required assistance. Calculate working hours, which helps you deliver more accurately. You can also compare expected & actual time to increase profit and reduce time waste.

Odoo Timesheet & Time racking system Features

1. Support Your workflow.

2. Time tracking to calculate actual production hours.

3. Assists in the division of total work hours into various segments

4. It allows round-the-clock monitoring to help manage tasks and quickly resolve obstacles.

5. Compare projected schedules with actual schedules to increase profitability.

Core Features

Track Assignments and Field Service for projects

Manage your projects efficiently and effectively through the best project management system from Odoo. The time tracking system helps you save time and effort through a unique recording of daily tasks to track all statuses. Odoo service management system helps you define the tasks of each team according to business needs and monitor the time consumed in carrying out the operations, which allows you to provide appropriate solutions to facilitate the workflow. Have detailed reports on the completed tasks, including who is responsible, the time spent, and the status.

Odoo Field Service System Features.

1. Manage your schedule.

2. Design custom worksheets to facilitate transactions.

3. Assign tasks to employees professionally.

4. submit price quotations.

5. Keep track of your work time perfectly.

6. Invoice your services easier with one click.

7. Increases productivity by planning your route.

8. Selling products is easier because of the ways to display them.

Core Features

Provide the best service to your customers

The help desk and after-sales services allow you to manage customer assistance professionally with electronic tickets to solve customer complaints in one click. Also, help you communicate with customers and provide automatic responses to solve minor problems quickly and efficiently. It allows you to provide technical support services automatically to your customers. Create alerts for your sales or helpdesk based on customer status.

Odoo Help Desk system Features

1. Communicate with customers anytime & anywhere in the fastest and easiest way.

2. Provide complete analytical reports for operations.

3. Allow customers to close their tickets.

4. Escalate tickets to your manager in just a click.

5. Associate the Employees with the Role of Operations in The Company.

5. Schedule the list and set the Planned Operations in the Calendar.

6. Automate emails or actions at different stages of ticket resolution.

7. Use the live saved responses to get answers that make it easier to guide customers to solve their problems faster.

Metalinks is Your Best Odoo Service Provider in kuwait

Odoo service management system helps you perform your operations equally effectively and simultaneously. Reach the highest levels of organizational excellence and efficiently provide all customers’ needs. It works based on successful business principles to organize operations within companies and prepare reports on workflow efficiency to facilitate all business. Get the best Odoo Service management system implementation in Kuwait from Metalinks’ top experts at the best prices.

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