Why is Odoo so successful ...?

Amazing employees


Amazing Software

The only platform you will ever need to help run your business
integrated apps are kept simple and loved by millions of happy users its necessary for organizations also to be Open Source and their community is fantastic. Odoo has a stable core and it’s powerful and fast to learn. Another reason is the modularity, it makes it usable and easy to make tricks and improve features. Odoo grew fast and keeps growing unstoppably.


Why Metalinks is the best Odoo Development Company In Kuwait

Metalinks empowers Your Business with Odoo ERP Implementation Solutions Run your entire business with professional Odoo implementation and customization services. Odoo is the best system for enterprise management. One integrated Solution for Day-to-Day Operation

Upgrade your business with innovative management solutions by Odoo

At Metalinks' we provide you with the best Odoo system implementation solutions to manage all departments in one place. We have certified experts with over 15 years of experience ready to help you get a comprehensive view of company data from the best Odoo management software solutions.

Customized Odoo ERP solutions for Enterprise management

Save time and effort! Customize the Odoo ERP system based on your business needs to start automating all your daily operations through an easy user interface, which provides you with a flexible administrative experience and helps you save time and effort.

Why is Odoo the best choice for your organization?

Odoo contains many applications that are integrated and tested by millions of users. Boost your enterprise with user-friendly applications for the business environment to enhance performance and productivity. Metalinks always promises you the best

One Platform

User Friendly

Customized solution

Suitable for any field

A unique value proposition:

o Explore, Expand and Grow Your Business.
o Regular annual releases and Odoo evolves much faster than any other solutions.
o Accessible from anywhere with any device.
o An App for Every Need to Help Run Your Business.
o Integrated Apps So No More Painful Integrations.
o Open-source Software.
o Work With Clouds or Local Server.
o It Is Based on the Best and Latest Development Languages (Python).
o Database On PostgreSQL. 


Core Features

Odoo System Features Manage your business professionally

Help you discover your business better for future expansion and growth.

access odoo system from anywhere on any device.

Odoo applications integrate, helping you automate your daily operations.

A dedicated application for each department of the organization.

Cloud system contains a unique database.

Best Odoo erp software implementation services from Metalinks Experts at affordable prices


Technology Solutions

odoo erp implementation services by MetaLinks

Odoo implementation

Odoo implementation solutions for all businesses! We are working on analyzing the organization, knowing its needs, and providing appropriate advice.

Odoo customization

We can customize Odoo applications according to your business needs and requirements by expert programmers and certified technicians.

Odoo training and support

We provide our customers with a highly trained team of engineers and consultants to provide support services and training for companies.

Best Odoo implementation solutions for companies and organizations

Double your enterprise profits with the best Odoo ERP software solution in Kuwait! Get integrated management of your customers and employees, instant reports and information about the next actions and the best growth opportunities and expected revenue from the organization, efficiently manage all HR operations, control all stores in one place, enjoy highly efficient sales management, and many more.

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