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Upgrade your business and manage your stores efficiently with Odoo

Metalinks offers you the best warehouse inventory management system to boost the efficiency of your stores and warehouses, making it easier for you to plan requirements, track products and items stored, set order limits, manage exports and imports, and track orders perfectly.Odoo’s inventory and MRP management system is fully integrated with all systems, such as accounting solutions, point of sale (POS) systems, and e-commerce systems. Input and modify the stock of products and add notes with a complete inventory planning and stock control system to automate your business process.

Core Features

Take Full control of your inventories in one place.

Facilitate product inventory operations from entering the store until leaving to complete the buying and selling process and obtain accurate balance reports by tracking the serial barcode.  We provide you with experts to meet your business needs through the best warehouse  inventory management software in Kuwait and the Middle East.

Odoo inventory management software Features.

1. Automatically track the product movement during the deliveries and receipts.

2. Easily access all reports in one place.

3. Analyze your inventory data using advanced reports.

4. Multiple warehouse control and facilitate the absorption of products.

5- Alerts and warnings tailored to your needs.

6- Provide a barcode system to facilitate the flow of products, including inventory, storage, and sale, without the occurrence of balance exchange errors.

7- Integrated system with ERP systems

Core Features

Purchasing management and monitoring accurately and professionally

At Metalinks, we offer you Odoo purchase management software, which helps you manage your purchases professionally. Avoid products and raw materials running out. Increase best-selling products demand, and provide the best service to your customers with detailed reports on balances, sales movement, export, and import movements, and requests for quotations with ease. Manage purchase invoices and authorizations accurately in line with your storage practices, with highly qualified support specialists to assist you with your needs.

Odoo Purchasing Management Program Features

1. Fully dynamic control panel for easy management professionally.

2. It helps you to request quotes from more than one supplier at the same time.

3. It helps you compare quotes for each supplier to choose the most suitable one.

4. Allows issuance of purchase orders after comparing prices from suppliers.

5. Analyzing procurement reports to identify all aspects that need development.

6. Issue purchase invoices and receipt vouchers that are commensurate with the company's management.

7. Create a note of receipt of the goods and compare it to the purchase order, highlighting any differences in the required quantities or types.

Metalinks’ experts are always ready to help you manage your inventory with the latest, most effective inventory solutions. Let our experts take care of the installment and operation of your Odoo inventory management Software at affordable prices in Kuwait.

Core Features

Efficient Manufacturing Management for High-Quality Products

We offer you the Odoo manufacturing process management system, as it provides you with adequate reports on the raw materials required for manufacturing and alerts the supervisors of low production quality, which helps in inventing the best-quality products.

a system with multiple stages and levels, starting with ensuring raw materials’ availability until the product is in its final form for the customer.

At Metalinks, we offer you a group of experts to help you get the most out of your production capacity through essential training for your employees.

Odoo Manufacturing Management System Features

1- Offer full control of Production from planning to manufacturing cycle.

2- Planning engineer worksheets and alert quality to workers during

3- Operations for maximum efficiency.

4- Provide the possibility of determining the minimum availability of materials.

5- Multi-level manufacturing formula plus planning operations management.

Core Features

Manage Product Life Cycle Innovatively

Metalinks provides Odoo MRP inventory management software to manage the product life cycle and its lifespan by providing the engineering drawings for each product and the way it is preserved and stored to keep it from damage or damage to one of its components.

The system provides you with an analysis unit to manage the engineering changes of products to provide the best quality to customers.

Odoo Product Life Cycle Management Features

1. Module for storing engineering drawings in a document database.

2. Manage engineering changes through real-time communication.

3. Assess the engineering aspects of your operations.

4. Smart versioning with efficient diff and merge.

5. Include a list of materials with drawings.

Core Features

Quality Management to provide the best products

As quality is the most important criterion for users! Metalinks help you through the best Inventory software to manage your operations with the highest possible quality to come out in a way that suits your organization.

Odoo MRP Inventory management system Help you ensure monitor and plan the products to reach the best quality. We offer you a group of Top experts to train your quality team on international standards and meet your business needs.


Odoo Quality Management Features

1. Regular quality control and final product quality planning.

2. Manage Quality Alerts with user-friendly interface.

3. Quality Control Points Your partner in the APQP journey.

4. Help workers trigger a quality alert from the work center control panel or inventory operations.

5. Total Productive Quality checks and alerts are fully integrated with your manufacturing and inventory operations.

6. Route products to dedicated quality zones to perform advanced checks.

Core Features

Maintenance Management Solution

Odoo’s system helps you to fully manage the periodic and preventive maintenance operations to maintain the quality of equipment and products, maintain their efficiency, and increase their effectiveness through a flexible control screen to increase the effectiveness of inventory management.

Odoo maintenance management features

1. Include a list of materials with drawings.

2. Smart versioning with efficient diff and merge.

3. Assess the engineering aspects of your operations.

4. Manage engineering changes through real-time communication.

5. Module for storing engineering drawings in a document database.

Why Odoo Inventory Management System the best for the organization?

Enjoy the best inventory management software in Kuwait from Odoo! Manage your inventory and monitor the movement of warehouses effectively through a dynamic interface to manage warehouses, and take advantage of the integration between inventory software, accounting software, sales, customer relationship management, and all ERP systems. Get the best Odoo inventory management system from Metalinks’ top experts at the best prices.

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