Core Features

Effective Employees and Human Resource Management

Odoo’s HR System software enables you to get a hold of all the data and information you need on all departments in moments.

it’s completely safe, you have the Control to  limit access to sensitive information to stakeholders and managers only. 

You will also be able to receive alerts for vacation requests, job applications, and evaluations and all of  your hr processes in the Organization.

Metalinks will help you install and operate the Odoo HR software in a way that suits your business and its needs, and is also in line with the labor laws in Kuwait and GCC.


Odoo HR System Software From Features

1. Easy data collection and access.

2. Ability to build hierarchical organization's hierarchical structure.

3. Easy employee evaluations.

Core Features

Recruitment Management System

Odoo’s recruitment management system makes it easier to track CVs and job applicants, identify vacancies and determine the qualifications required for the position, all while helping you develop better strategies to choose between applicants.

Our experts at MetaLinks will train your recruiters to properly use Odoo’s recruitment management system to increase productivity and efficiency.


Odoo Recruitment Management System Features

1. Receiving and organizing job applicants and CVs

2. Identifying vacancies

3. Coordinating appointments for job interviews.

4. Dividing departments to determine the vacancies and the number of employees in each.

5. Creating customized recruitment strategies to better handle the hr processes

Metalinks’ Experts are always ready to help you manage your organization’s human resource professionally with the latest, most effective hr systems & solutions. Let our experts take care of the installment and operation of your Odoo HR Software at affordable prices in Kuwait.

Core Features

Increase Productivity with Employee Time Attendance Trackers

We realize at MetaLinks how much tracking employees time and attendance can benefit your business, that is why we offer you Odoo’s Time Attendance System, which allows you to easily track employees’ attendance and working hours in order to professionally manage shifts and vacations for each employee.

Odoo Time Attendance System From: Features

1. Keeping record of the employees' working hours.

2. Designed to automate employee shifts.

3. Tracking attendance times to measure the extent of employees' commitment.

Core Features

Professional Employee Leave and Time OFF Tracking

Odoo Time off management system helps you manage and organize employee leaves and vacations including annual vacation days, sick and casual leaves, or leaves without pay.

Calculate and achieve the balance between employees leave days to avoid any obstructions at the workplace.

You can also receive and handle leave requests directly in order to process and respond to them easily.


Leave Management System From Odoo: Features

1. Managing and tracking all employee leaves and vacations.

2. Design custom worksheets to facilitate transactions.

3. Calculating the leave balance.

4. Limiting the excessive use of leaves

5. Dealing with leave requests

Core Features

Manage Employee Performance Evaluation

Odoo’s human resource management system helps you to easily conduct employee engagement and performance evaluations automatically without human intervention, to ensure impartial judgment and avoid errors.

Get a clear image of how your employees are doing to be able to determine what needs improvement with your workplace in order to encourage your teams and boost productivity, identify which items need to be reclaimed or improved.


Odoo Employee Performance Management System Features

1. Automating the evaluation process.

2. Generating accurate employee performance appraisals

3. Designing employee performance evaluation surveys and forms

7. Use the live saved responses to get answers that make it easier to guide customers to solve their problems faster.

Core Features

Grow Your Team With The Employee Referrals System From Odoo

Odoo’s employee promotions system is an hr helps you organize, manage and track promotions by identifying employee strengths and weaknesses and determining the promotion requirements.


Employee Promotion System From Odoo: Features

1. Organizing promotions

2. Providing the data required to select suitable and eligible employees for the promotion.

3. Keeping track of promotions and changing employee status in the system accordingly.

Core Features

Manage Approvals More Efficiently

Odoo’s HR systems will help you create an approval dashboard that enables you to easily approve/disapprove of job applications and promotion requests, in addition to requests regarding travel, office supplies, payments, and more.


Odoo Approval Management System Features

1. Accessing all requests details at any time.

2. Viewing qualifications of job applicants.

3. Clarifying the reasons for approval or rejection.

Core Features

Manage Vehicle Fleet Efficiently

Odoo’s Fleet Management System helps you manage your fleet and supervise all contracts for your vehicles at any given time.

You will also be able to monitor the performance of your drivers, control the periodic maintenance operations and provide the best services to both employees and clients.


Fleet Management System From Odoo: Features

1. Tracking the mileage and maintenance of each car to ensure quality and safety.

2. Managing employee vehicles and creating vehicle contracts for each employee.

3. Monitoring speedometers to reduce traffic violations from company's cars.

Why is Odoo's HR System Software The Best For Your Business?

With its easy-to-use interface and features that are compatible with businesses of all sizes, Odoo’s HR system software is by far the best human resources management system in Kuwait. It enables you to fully control and manage employee performance, recruitments, promotions, payrolls and more, all in one place. Get the Odoo HR management systems and start building a powerful human resources database that will take your organization to the next level.

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