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Get the best sales performance management software in Kuwait from Metalinks! Facilitate and boost sales performance & operations with the best technical solutions. Maintain the best selling experience with the latest customer service techniques, monitor sales operations through POS systems, control subscription services, and double customer loyalty using the sales system from Odoo. We offer you a group of qualified experts with more than 15 years of experience, ready to train and follow up with your employee and provide technical support to help you avoid any obstacles you may encounter to enjoy the best service and experience.

Core Features

The best CRM system for organizations

Get all your customer data in one place! With best CRM lead management. Facilitate services from managing complaints and meeting customer needs.

Provide exclusive offers, periodic customer follow-up, and highly professional after-sales services.

Track sales operations until they are completed through Odoo Customer Relationship Management.

Get online customer surveys to improve your sales, measure service customer satisfaction, ease communication, record data professionally, and monitor reports with an integrated control panel.


Odoo CRM System Features

1- achieves effective customer communication and records all data to provide the best buying experience.

2- Monitor periodic customer reports and use them to develop more effective plans to meet customer requirements.

3- An integrated dynamic Dashboard allows for controlling sales forecasting & operations.

4- Track product delivery and document invoices and returns in an easy and organized manner.

5- Suitable for all types of small, large, and medium companies.

Core Features

Sales Management System to Increase Profits

We ensure you provide the best buying experience to your customers through Odoo sales performance management software.

odoo Sales system helps you follow up and analyze buying and selling operations, create quotations, and easily communicate with sales representatives through complete and organized control to improve sales performance.


Odoo Sales Performance management SPM System Features

1- Create and track submitted quotes.

2- Ease of communication with sales representatives and follow-up regularly.

3- Follow-up of collected and uncollected sales invoices.

4- Availability of deferred sales and setting payment dates and installment systems.

5- Analyzing sales data and using it to develop effective plans to attract more customers to increase productivity.

6- An integrated and organized dashboard for easy decision-making.

Metalinks’ Experts are always ready to help you manage your Sales Performance with the latest, most effective Sales management solutions. Let our experts take care of the installment and operation of your Odoo Sales tracking system at affordable prices in Kuwait.

Core Features

POS system to manage sales operations easily

We offer you Odoo POS, the best point-of-sale software for companies and shops, to facilitate selling, buying, and customer experience.

System integrated with inventory & accounting system in high efficiency.

The POS System from Odoo provides all payment systems that make it easier for your customers to make purchases. avoid data loss, it works on all devices at all times, whether connected to the Internet or not.


Odoo Point of Sale System Features

1- An interconnected system with inventory management that allows professional completion of deals.

2- Easy to use from all types of devices, whether a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, which facilitates sales operations.

3- A fully interconnected system with accounting software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

4- It provides all payment methods, such as cash or cards and credit cards, Visa, and MasterCard.

5- Control the daily operations and Follow up shifts easily and obtain a detailed record of the timings of each.

6- It works whether there is an internet connection or not, ensuring that no errors cause you financial loss.

Core Features

Manage customer subscriptions

Facilitate the completion of sales operations and track customer subscriptions and different contracts.

It helps sales reps focus on new customers and not waste time and effort renewing subscriptions that renew automatically.

Get comprehensive reports on subscriptions and repeat sales and get all customer details in one place. Start with a sales and inventory management system to boost your leads.


Odoo Subscription Management System Features

1- Activate automatic renewal of subscriptions for customers and help them get their needs.

2- Get all the customer's details, interests, previous requests, and products he liked but did not purchase.

3- Helping to provide incentive offers for abandoned baskets to attract customers to complete purchases.

4- Create and manage subscriptions easily and organize each subscription according to what the customer is looking for.

5- Access to integrated reports on subscriptions and follow up on customer satisfaction to provide the best service.

Core Features

Effective Rental Management System

Control the rental process for products, with Odoo sales order management software, create rental requests, schedule them, deliver them, return them, and bill them all from one place.

Get all the information you need directly for rental requests, and manage the availability and delivery times of your products through your fully dynamic platform, making it easier to successfully manage your sales.


Odoo Rental Management System Features

1- Create lists of rentable stock products and display them in a way that serves your goals.

2- Issuing and scheduling rental application invoices and making alerts with specific delivery dates.

3- A dynamic dashboard that facilitates collecting operations in one place and managing reports professionally.

4- Control Rental products to tighten availability dates and coordinate new rental requests to meet customers' desires.

Why is Odoo Sales and Customer Relationship Management System the best?

The customer relationship and sales management system helps you achieve the organization’s profitability goals, help it grow, and attract more customers by providing distinguished services with high efficiency. Achieve your targeted profits from sales with Odoo through an easy and dynamic interface that helps you prepare reports to manage resources and sales professionally through the interconnection of the sales management program with point-of-sale programs, accounting, and warehouse systems. Help your sales team generate highly qualified leads. Get the best Odoo Sales and Customer Relationship Management system from Metalinks’ top experts at the best prices.

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