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Accounting And Financial Management Software From Odoo

At MetaLinks, we offer you a great financial and accounting management system from Odoo, an open-source financial management software tool that enables you to properly manage your financial transactions with little effort. The system gives you complete control over your budget, in addition to the electronic signature feature that helps you to easily complete bank transactions. Get our accurate and efficient accounting system that will help your business grow more each day. The system will help you with multi-currency transactions as well as allow you to complete all accounting tasks through an easy and dynamic UI.

Core Features

Business Accounting Management Accurately and Professionally

We offer you an account management system from Odoo to facilitate the management of all accounts within the organization, whether a bank or cash, and control of your transfers and the division of suppliers’ accounts. The system helps you in multicurrency and calculating the differences and allows you to complete all accounting transactions through an easy and dynamic user interface.

Odoo's Accounting Management Software: Main Features

1. Managing bank and cash accounts (receipts - transactions - bank deposit vouchers)

2. Book keeping (payments - receipts).

3. Managing financial reports.

4. Creating and managing accounts for suppliers, customers and settlements.

5. Accounting data analysis.

6- Multi-level chart of accounts

7. Check printing.

8. Multiple cost centers management.

9. Multi-currency accounting.

Core Features

Manage Expenses and Revenues More Efficiently

Odoo’s accounting software helps you to professionally manage your expenses and revenues by creating detailed and up-to-date reports with just a few clicks.

All your financial transactions can be monitored from anywhere, as it is compatible with mobile phones, computers, and tablets.


Expense Management System From Odoo: Features

1. Providing comprehensive reports on your monthly expenses.

2. Managing all expenses from one place in a flexible way.

3. Monitoring employee expenses.

4. Ability to upload all types of invoices to the system.

Get Odoo financial management and accounting software installation and operation services from Metalinks at affordable prices and the highest quality

Core Features

Track the organization's Budget Efficiently

Get your accounting management installation software from Odoo installed and operated with the help of our experts at MetaLinks at the best prices and with the highest quality.

You can now take full control over your finances, get access to all your financial reports, and track your numbers to be able to evaluate your business’ performance and make better decisions.

At MetaLinks, we provide you with a team of highly qualified and trained experts that will offer you the technical support and assistance you need to efficiently install, maintain, and use Odoo’s accounting and financial management software.


Budget Management System From Odoo: Features

1. Comparing balance sheets to give you an accurate comparative statement.

2. Analyzing data and comparing the estimated budget and financial forecasting.

3. Interpreting and analyzing the profit and loss statement

Core Features

Track Your invoices More Easily with Odoo

Control and track your bills easily with Odoo’s accounting management software, and get past the inefficient manual follow-up and registration.

This accounting system allows you to follow up on all your bills from anywhere, using any device, with the ability to send and receive bills online, and get detailed reports whenever you need them.


Bill Tracking Software From Odoo: Features

1. Tracking bills and payments in one place.

2. Comprehensive reports to analyze billing data.

3. The ability to send and receive bills online.

4. Electronic billing.

Core Features

Manage and Share Documents Easier and Faster

Odoo’s document management system enables you to control all your documents and share them with your employees easily.

Facilitate work at all departments by providing your business with a better document management system.


Document Management System From Odoo: Features

1. Document classification, control, and authorization.

2. Easily sharing documents with different parties (employees, customers, or vendors).

3. Chat rooms to make sure the right person gets the right document and understands the procedure.

4. Linking documents with other Odoo tools and applications.

4. Tracking plans and worksheets.

Core Features

Electronic Signature.. Get More Done in Less Time!

Get your own electronic signature to complete all your online transactions easier and faster.

You can also complete partnership contracts and make deals with suppliers, banks, and partners way more easily.


Electronic Signature System From Odoo: Features

1. The ability to sign any document with a few clicks.

2. A completely approved and valid signature

3. Getting signatures made for administrators and employers.

Why is Odoo's Financial Management System the Best For Your Business?

Manage all your accounting tasks easily with the best accounting software in Kuwait from Odoo. Control corporate accounts Get all your accounting data in one place A dynamic user interface suitable for all users.

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